Captain Patrick Butschli / King County Sheriff’s Office

"Mt. Baker’s willingness to partner with law enforcement to ensure that residents have safe and secure housing has been a critical component of this successful rehabilitation."

Mt. Baker Housing Resident Services Program

At Mt. Baker Housing, we recognize there are many challenges to finding and maintaining stable housing with a low income. We believe that housing stability begins with quality affordable housing, but also may require a secure base of manageable living expenses, whole-family health and well-being, community safety, and other social supports.

The Mt. Baker Housing Resident Services Program is available to Mt. Baker Housing residents for further assistance in working toward greater housing stability. We offer several resources in the form of individualized information and referrals; on-site resource fairs, workshops, and benefits enrollment; and community-building events.

Our hope is that together with our high-quality units, strong property management, and robust resident services we will provide people with the desire and ability to make Mt. Baker Housing communities their home.

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